Provider of energy management solutions for owners and managers of merchant facilities

We are continuously in touch with the main players in energy market. We advise our clients in the definition of their strategy and the main guidelines for managing their merchant projects.

About us

The alternative to having an in-house team, yet with lower costs and with a plug&play approach.

Optimize Energy is like a wealth manager or an insurance broker… on merchant electricity markets.

What are the main issues with merchant facilities?

Volatility in the sale of electricity
Lack of revenue optimization
Exposure to commodity prices, rainy seasons, etc
Lack of expertise and specialization in merchant facility operation

Our solution:
Active merchant

Optimize Energy makes available to you a plug-and-play multidisciplinary team specialized on:

  • Optimizing revenues from merchant facilities
  • Managing risks related to operating in electricity markets

Management scenario in a bull market

Thanks to hedge management, even in a bull market value can be captured through an active management.

Management scenario in a bear market

Thanks to a diversification strategy we can mitigate price risk and capture a high value.

The advantages of using Optimize Energy

Quicker and more effective than hiring your own team.

Self-financing: the service is easily paid from the facility’s revenues.

The plant’s revenues may increase by up to x6 the cost of the service.

Makes projects more bankable.

Available from 5 MW.

Service available in Spain, Portugal, Italy and UK.

Our services

  • Initial training
  • Market information
  • Support on management strategy definition
  • Hedge contracting management
  • Sale of GOs
  • Introduction and analysis of PPA choices
  • Negotiation of market access contract to optimize cost and merchant operation
  • Support on ancillary service strategy
  • Quarterly reporting
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Optimize allows financial investors to have the same tools as utilities and oli&gas groups in merchant operations.

Optimize Energy can optimize the risk – profit balance in merchant projects.

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if you have any doubt and/or are interested in hiring Optimize Energy you can contact us, we will be delighted to help you.

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