Most frequent questions

What is active merchant?

It is the pro-active, diligent and professional strategy to deal with revenues and costs in renewable merchant (unsubsidised) facilities.

Why is it important to manage merchant facilities with a different approach?

In unsubsidised facilities, with no feed-in tariff scheme in place, it is important to reduce volatility and costs in order to capture value that is normally lost in regular merchant operations, as it such value goes straight onto the bottomline.

Therefore, implementing a strategy focused on closing price hedges aimed at avoiding downward scenarios in the market, or closing periods at price levels that may improve our financial projections and base case are highly interesting options.

Similarly, optimizing market access contracts, export and sale of guarantees of origin, participating in ancillary services market or closing PPAs with offtakers are all aimed at improving the profitability of renewable facilities.

Who is Optimize necessary for?

If utilities and oil&gas companies have their own energy management teams, why don’t financial investors do the same?
Optimize Energy is perfect for investment funds, IPPs and private investors who own late-stage or operational renewable projects.
Optimize operates in Spain and Italy at the moment, and plans to expand to other markets during 2022.

What matters does Optimize take care of?

Optimize Energy may take care of the following matters:

  • Initial training
  • Market information
  • Support on management strategy definition
  • Hedge recommendation analysis
  • Hedge contracting management
  • Sale of GOs with direct buyers and brokers
  • Introduction and analysis of PPA choices
  • Negotiation of market access contract to optimize cost and merchant operation
  • Support on ancillary service strategy
  • Quarterly reporting

Are there any risks related to delegating the management of my merchant facilities?

There are no risks related to making energy management more professional. Indeed, we understand that the risk exists if such professional manage is not in place.
In any case, Optimize Energy is at all times in touch with its client in order to improfe decision making, so that all important steps are based on informed decisions and fully agreed upon.

Are you interested in hiring us?

if you have any doubt and/or are interested in hiring Optimize Energy you can contact us, we will be delighted to help you.

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