About us

At Optimize Energy, we are passionate about energy and the constant challenge of making it work smarter.

We are much more than a company; we are a team committed to providing energy solutions and risk management strategies to commercially-minded power plant owners and asset managers.

We see ourselves as your energy partner, always at your side, continuously connected to the heartbeat of the energy markets and the industry’s leading companies. At Optimize Energy, we not only offer advice, but also work closely with you to define sound strategies. We strive to optimise your costs and revenues, because we believe that our customers’ success is our success.

Optimize Energy aims to facilitate the transition of renewable energy from a subsidised business to a free market, self-sufficient enterprise, with the following challenges:

  • Volatility of electricity sales
  • Lack of stability and visibility of revenues
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in operating commercial plants
  • Lack of revenue optimisation
  • Exposure to commodity and CO2 prices, rainy seasons, geopolitical issuesLack of adequate risk monitoring and management

Matías Gallego

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Germán Palomo

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Patricia Oliveros

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Rodrigo García

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Rafael Calleja

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Our experience

  • Management of an energy portfolio of 3TWh of electricity and around 2TWh of gas in Spain.
  • Advice on the analysis, structuring and negotiation of various PPAs in Spain.
  • Management and operation of a representative agent with more than 1.5TWh of capacity in Spain.
  • Real-time management and operation of a 700MW CECO in Spain.
  • Management and operation of 100GWh/year of direct consumers in Spain.
  • Processing, registration and training for the operation of dispatch and trading desks in Spain.
  • More than 1.5GW of photovoltaic and wind projects developed.
  • Comprehensive management of renewable projects totalling 3GW in ten countries.
  • Direct participation in purchase and sale processes of renewable projects with a global EV of more than 500 million euros under different remuneration schemes, including merchant.

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